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I woke up today drenched in sweat - one of those nights where I tossed and turned, and where my sheets made me sweat. I decided to change my bed sheets, and my folks decided to install three of the four air conditioning units in the house - which meant installing the new one in my room.

After that, I started with my exercises. Did two work-out days of the 'Hero Journey', but they were crazy. I had to do push-ups until I failed... twenty times! Even with everything else I did, I needed to add more exercises to relax my arms in-between push-ups shots. So I added squats and a bit of dumbbell exercise.

Today's total exercises:
- 200 Bicep Curls (25lb)
- 100 Bent-Over Rows (25lb)
- 30 Shoulder Press (20lb)
- 200 Turn Kicks
- 200 Side Kicks
- 200 Front Snap Kicks
- 6 minutes of plank (side planks were tough as hell)
- 200 punches
- 50 Sitting Twists
- 36 Scissors
- 36 Hundreds
- 36 Flutter Kicks
- 36 Airbike Crunches
- 30 Superman Crunches
- 230 Squats
- and 500 push-ups!

I had to take two showers and drink 3 liters of water to wash off all the sweat. I know I said I'd draw a 'Saiyan charge-up', but with the requests I have on my list, I'm not there yet.
I keep pushing myself harder, and today, I definitely went all out. Almost three hours of workout! Here's the low-down:

- Starting with 15 minutes of warm-ups;
- Then the usual: 30 Squats, 30 Push-Ups, 20 Leg Lifts, 35 Sit-Ups, 2 minutes of planks, 20 Sitting Twists
- First page of the Hero's Journey: Yoga. Nine poses (four needing to be done once per side). Total time: 5 minutes.
- Second page: 10x Push-ups to failure (total: 300), 200 Side Chops, 200 Infinity Chops, plus 'weapon' training (20 bicep curls with 25-pound dumbbells, 20 bent-over rows with 25-pound dumbbells, 20 shoulder presses with 20-pound dumbbells, 3x 2 minutes of planks, 200 front snap kicks (per leg))
- Third page: 100x of each combo: a) Jab+Jab+Cross+Squat, b) Back Fist+Side Kick, c) Elbow Strike+Knee Strike
- Shower, then Lunch time
- Fourth page: 10 reps of: 10 Jumping Lunges, 10 Jumping Jacks, 10 Jumping Squats, Push-Ups to Failure (20 per rep), 20 Side Chops, 20 Infinity Chops.

I told myself that I'd draw a picture of me charging up 'Saiyan-style' if I completed the fourth page this afternoon... and I did. On the website, it says that I'm supposed to shout my victory cry once the Boss Fight (fourth page) is done, but instead, I'll draw that!
I decided that, since June will be starting near the end of the week, to get the 'Themed' requests line opened early!

First off, the rules:
1- The pictures will be Line-art only.

2- If you want this to stay a request, please leave it at one character per request. If you want more than one at a time, I will ask that you either:
a) Collaborate by coloring one of my line-arts; or
b) Make it an art trade.

3) If you request a sequence, the same rules will apply as 2). The longer the sequence, the more I will require in return.

4) Here is a list of things that I will not draw:
- Sex scenes of any kind
- Extreme violence (dismemberment, gore...)
- Extreme body manipulation (hyper-muscled characters, extremely exaggerated lips, breasts or butt, irregular growth, overly fat or thin characters)

5) Have references at the ready. If not, then I will figure it out for myself. Also, if there are specific things that you want to see (or not) on your character, tell me in advance, or else I will draw them from whatever references I will have.

6) Don't ask if I'm taking requests or not: the request line will be open all month. However, if you want a non-themed request, I may accept or refuse it, but will give themed requests priority.

7) This is a request line. I am doing this on my off-times, so PLEASE don't rush me. Also, I would prefer some constructive criticism in case there are things that you disliked about your request. However, if you want me to fix something on your request, I will apply the same rules at 2).

Now that it's settled, here is the list of Themes for June:

1- What if...?
This is a big of a mixed bag, so let me clarify. The idea came from both GoodKittyNyanChan and timbertale, with both suggesting changes to characters - OCs or not.

The idea for this is: select one character - original character or not - and ask a 'what if?' question relating to either its physical or psychological description. For instance: 'What if Saitama was a girl?' or 'What if (selected character) was (good/evil) instead of (good/evil)?'

2- Sharp-dressed
With the success of some of my latest, business-suit-wearing requests, I was told by Rushlan that it would be a good idea if I did more business suits.

The idea for this is: choose one character - original or not - and give me an idea (references will be helpful) of what kind of business suit (or other formal apparel) that character would wear.

3- Summertime!
With summer coming soon, super-spartan thought it would be a good idea to make a theme where characters are enjoying summer.

The idea for this is: choose a character - original or not - and give me an idea of what that character would do during summer. If you want the character to wear specific summer apparel (swimsuits, summer clothes, etc.), please provide the proper references, or else I will come up with something on my own.

And there we have it!
I'll be working tomorrow, so I won't have much time to work out. Because of that, I decided to push myself as hard as I possibly could today for my 'Hero Journey' exercise program.

I pulled off a work-out marathon of two-and-a-half hours. Here goes:

65 sit-ups, 50 Sitting Twists, 30 reverse crunches, 30 crunch kicks, 50 Leg Raises, 30 Superman stretches, 120 Tap Toe Hops, 120 Side-to-Side Jumps, 120 Climbers, 30 Squats, 5 minutes of plank, 25 bicep curls per arm (20-pound dumbbells), 15 Shoulder Presses (20-pound dumbbells), 15 Shoulder Rows (20-pound dumbbells), 100 Double Side Kicks, 400 Punches, 200 push-ups, 100 wide-grip push-ups.

If I have any energy left for this afternoon, I have: 200 push-ups, 100 wide-grip push-ups, 300 High Knees, 300 Jumping Jacks and 300 Jump Squats to do... Big IF.
I must be nuts to do this, but I took on - yet again - two days of the 'Hero's Journey' exercise program, along with my usual, and right now, my arms are so wasted that it hurts (around my elbows) to type.

Here's today's low-down:
- 325 push-ups (I am not kidding you...)
- 35 sit-ups
- 100 lunges
- 100 jumping jacks
- 200 side lunges
- 20 leg lifts
- 40 squats
- 200 Knee Kicks
- 200 Punches
- 100 High Knees (instead of jumping lunges)
- 100 shoulder taps

And I ran out of juice to the the 'weapons' part of Day 6. That would have been:
- 200 slow side kicks
- 200 fast side kicks
- 40 bicep curls
- 20 bent over rows
- 20 shoulder presses
- 15 minute walk (with 30 second sprint between each minute of walk)
- 5 minutes of plank

I'll do those tomorrow... Right now, I need a shower.
I started a workout program on Darebee called 'Hero's Journey', which turns your exercise regime into an RPG. Talking about it got some people interested, so when I learned that someone had jumped in - someone who, a year and a half ago, was unable to walk more then 10 minutes without needing rest -, I felt determined.

So, adding together every bit of exercise I've done until now - this morning, and this afternoon -, the total I've done is:

- 25 push-ups
- 50 sit-ups
- 20 Russian Twists
- 20 Leg Lifts
- 220 Squats
- 200 Side Leg Lifts (100 per leg)
- 200 Climbers (100 per leg)
- 200 Tip Toe Hops (100 per leg)
- 600 High Knees (with 2-pound weights strapped to each leg)
- 600 Jab+Jab+Cross+Squat combos (with 2-kilo weights on each arm)

Even after a second shower today, I still feel drenched. I might not be yelling 'I AM THE MACHINE!', but I'm proud that I was able to pull all that off. Next time, I'll have to read the instructions a bit better, since I was only supposed to do 200 Jab+Jab+Cross+Squat combos...

If anyone is interested in checking it out:…
I know I probably bored some of you with my journal entries about what I've done with exercises, but today, I'll talk about my problem.

Since I worked three nights in a row last week, I had to keep on pushing back the last page of the Codex - the 'Bruce Lee' tribute -, which was also the hardest one to do. On Friday, I had time to do it, but given that I had finished work at 7am, I just wasn't feeling at my best. I worked on Saturday as well, so that was another post-pone. 

I finally had time yesterday, and was on a roll. I had half of it done and was going to spend the afternoon doing the rest... that is, until work called. I had to fill in for someone who hadn't shown up for work, which meant I had to hurry there - and that meant eating on the fly, having my mom do a quick lunch for me, and printing out the way on Google Maps.

The job was frankly boring and slow, and the place I worked it was overly hot. I also had to pay 25$ for twelve hours of parking... though I only used ten. I came back home after getting lost a few times - sometimes, I hate Montreal - under the pouring rain.

I told someone on here that if I were to do Level III of the 'Bruce Lee' tribute, I would scream out 'I AM THE MACHINE!' or something like that, but... that won't happen. Instead, I'll work on a different workout program called 'Hero's Journey', which turns working out into an RPG. It's a sixty-day plan, but if the exercises are too easy, I'll probably skip ahead... though I might have to do that because of work as well...
I just finished watching the last episode of Samurai Jack. I know that a lot of people were disappointed with the ending, but I think that they're missing the point.

Throughout Jack's quest to defeat Aku, his goal was to return to the past and finish what he had started before. During this, he made a countless number of friends and allies, as well as defeated a numerous amount of enemies... but all of those were from a future where Aku had survived Jack's first attempt at destroying him.

Changing the future by returning to the past and destroying Aku meant that the entire timeline of the story ceased... even Ashi's birth. Without Aku, Ashi simply ceased to exist during the timeline. I know that a lot of people hoped for Ashi and Samurai Jack to get the 'happily-ever-after ending', but it was clear from the start that this wasn't going to happen.

However, the show leaves us with one last bit of hope: while Samurai Jack mourns her passing in the gray forest, a single speck of color appears: a ladybug - the one clinching detail that had caused Ashi to doubt everything she had been taught since birth. The symbol here is important: even if Samurai Jack has to live on without Ashi, there is always hope that someday, he will find someone like her. Call it one last message of hope from the one person who helped him see the light when he was lost in his own darkness.
I'd like to give a shout-out to everyone who send me something for my birthday.

DeviantArt comments (in no particular order): Fistron, nickshighthrone, Odachi65, JoeBlue, TGVocals, Henkyo, Kyonko-chann, Elizuke94, FANSILVER, ShinPersonaMaster, ColtonThePhantom, Pyroanime2K16, ChaosEcho, Pagod7, GoodKittyNyanChan, DrakZul, Kelseyalicia (a bit thank you for the numeral events of my birth date), Blahadon, a1993 and KingWilliamIII.

Many of you are first timers, and some are people that have kept a watch on me for ages. A big thanks to all of you.

Skype comments: Josh Ward (xsargentwardx), Joker (AdamTheJoker), Miho N, GuyverMaster, Jurmany, John Dolan, and Hawk Mitora. I know I'm not on Skype often, and that there are people I have not talked to in a long while, but I'd like to thank those who stuck by me even when I wasn't the most present.

A big thanks for CarlosVasseur (Karyana ) and MsArtGarden (Family Portrait (Commission) ) for accepting my birthday commission ideas and posting them on DeviantArt for all to see. I know it sounds a bit weird to pay for your birthday gifts, but...

I would also like to thank K1tty-Marshmell0w and Kuichuu for their commissions as well, and here's hoping that the pictures will be posted on here for all to see.

Another big thanks to darkwarriorcursehero, kyuubi515, Henkyo, Blahadon, a1993, alellie, PatrickRuegheimer, itsMillzie, Timkampy, evandromenezes, NekoLover3000 and everyone else who sent me llamas - even if most are people sending llamas for llamas' sake.

And a huge shout-out to the 1212 Watchers and all of those who helped me reach 200,000 page views, as well as the few who checked and joined my small group - . To the 79 members and 141 Watchers who helped me reach 10,000 Pageviews, a huge thanks!
I'm not sure if I hit a record high, but there's so much pumping in my system that I'm kinda buzzing. Didn't think you could get drunk on exercise.

Given that I hadn't worked out in two days because of work, I worked overtime this morning to catch up. I pulled out two pages of Fighter's Codex - one on Balance, the other a Practice page - and did them... TWICE. Essentially, the exercises called for a set number of times, but I wasn't sure if I had to do total or per limb (punch per arm, kick per leg), so I went with the latter.

The result:
- 200 side-kicks
- 80 front kicks
- 80 hook kicks
- 120 squat+backfist
- 80 squat+side kick
- 200 turning kicks

The only thing I didn't double was the in-between exercise: 40 jumping jacks and 10 push-ups.

- 40 slow side kicks (low-high-low)
- 40 slow turning kicks (low-high)
- One minute blind balance one leg... per leg

That also includes my basics: 10 Russian Twists, 15 Leg Lifts, 25 push-ups, 35 sit-ups, 40 squats, and a minute-long plank.

Okay... the buzz is wearing out, and I'm feeling tired.
Given that NO ONE has pitched in any requests for May's 'Themed Requests', I thought of drawing something myself. That is, until I saw a Challenge on Habitica, a life-organizer system that's been made into an RPG. Something that I have taken part in for over three months now.

The Challenge is for an organization called 'Take This' (website: ), which aids people with mental health issues. What we have to do for this challenge is to create characters based on positive and negative traits of our personality. The positive traits are made into heroic characters, while the negative traits are made into monsters.

I was curious about the challenge and decided to give it a try... but I'm not sure which traits I should focus on. I'm sure that there aren't many on DeviantArt who know me, but if you want to give it a shot in the dark, I'd like to know what you think my positive traits are, and what my negative traits are, and how they should be personified.

The Challenge ends at the end of the month, but I'd like your ideas and opinions as soon as possible.
It took me three minutes to find a title for this journal entry, and even there, I'm not sure if it's the right one.

I watched Youtube videos for the past hour, struggling with ideas and projects, when I checked some videos from Adventure Time, as well as bits from 'Justice League' and the sort.

First one I watched was... well, more like I listened to Princess Bubblegum's song to Lemonhope. One of the comments left under the video hit me like a sledgehammer: 'Hope dies last'. The reason? In my series 'Upon a Star', I use that concept multiple times:

1- Karyana's sword is called 'Dawn of Hope';
2- Karyana's children are named Dawn and Asha - the latter meaning 'Hope'.
3- When Karyana's sword was reforged in 'Rise of the Unknowns', it became Llaelyn, whose name means 'Flower of Hope'.
4- In several moments of role-play, Queen Josephine calls Karyana 'a beacon of hope'.

This led to a sort of vision that I posted in my status... though the actual one isn't quite right. What I saw was Panyus... or what looked like her... sitting alone on her throne, surrounded by a circle of gravestones. As for the sword, it was either broken, or not there at all.

Second was a comment of Bonnie (Princess Bubblegum) about Neddy. She said 'People are built different. We don't need to figure it out, we just need to respect it.' There's something about those words that caught my curiosity. I just don't know how to use them.

Third was a speech from Lex Luthor to A.M.A.Z.O. in 'Justice League Unlimited': 'For all my struggles to make my mark in life, for all I've accomplished... in just a few short generations my name will be forgotten. Even the greatest of us can't compete with time and death." And after a moment where A.M.A.Z.O. struggles with its wish for purpose, Lex gives him an answer: 'We create our own purpose in life. Go create yours."

Lastly was not so much words, but a scene. In an animated Superman movie, Lex Luthor steals a superpower-inducing serum that Superman made and uses it on himself. After taking down Superman, Lex Luthor begins with his usual qualm about taking power, until he freezes in thought. The super-powers allow him to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum, down to the atomic level, which makes him pretty much realize that everyone and everything is built from the same base materials. Call it a 'One with the Universe' moment that only lasts a minute or so before his powers fade out.

Oddly enough, while looking at that scene, instead of seeing Lex Luthor when he examined the atoms around his hands, it felt like Karyana was superposed onto the picture, seeing the very same thing.

Only, even now, I'm stuck with one major conundrum: as much as those moments were enlightening, it made me realize how inexperienced and small I am as a writer, compared to the people who created those shows...
Given that the 'Themed Request' poll is so tight (yet again), I decided that, instead of putting up my own vote to force a tie-breaker or pick a single choice, I'm going to allow requests from all of them. However, there will be some rules for all of them, and some for each one:

General rules:
1- One character per request. If you want more than one character, I will require you to do your part. This means that you will either:
- trade for a picture request;
- make a Point payment; or
- color one of my line-art pictures.

2- I will not accept the following: Rape, Incest, Gore, Vore, Lolicon, Sex Scenes, overly-muscled characters, super-fat characters, Scat, Suicide or Murder of characters.

3- If you have picture references of your characters, please link them. If not, give me a detailed description.

4- Please mark in your request (whether by note or comment) which of the Theme you want.

Theme 1: Unmask your Persona!
In your request, please state if you wish your requested character (or yourself) to be a Phantom Thief or a Persona. In both cases, I will need references, INCLUDING some personality information, and a general idea of what the Phantom Thief or the Persona will be.

Theme 2: Favorite Characters
This is the most generic of the lot. It could be a favorite male or female character from a TV show, a movie, a manga or an anime. Mind you, my style of drawing is anime-based. As usual, give me a reference for the character. If you want such character to be altered in any way, let me know. However, I will limit changes to humanly-possible sizes.

Theme 3: Hit the Gym
Pick a character (or yourself) and I will draw them either exercising, showing muscle growth (nothing exaggerated) or having undergone weight loss (I do not accept skin-and-bones, though).

Theme 4: Fashion Week
Choose one character and give me either a reference or a description of what you want them to wear. Please keep it tasteful. I am not overly skilled with drawing bikinis, and I will refuse anything that's overly sexual.

Theme 5: Trying out Cosplay
Given that I'd like to cosplay, but don't know what to try, simply take a look at this link: That's me all over! and give me an idea. I will draw it as best as I can. And who knows? I might even wear it for real!

I'm opening the request line now, but will only start drawing them starting Monday, as I will be working three days straight starting tomorrow.
I was doing Spring Cleaning today and tried out some of my old shirts to see which didn't fit anymore and which were fine. I had some workout shirts that my aunt's common law spouse gave me. When I started my drive to lose weight, the shirts didn't really fit me because they were size L and I needed XL. When I tried them today... they fit! Not only that, but after checking my jeans, I found out that - when using the old belt I used for work - I had lost one notch's worth!

I started working out in September and while my weight hasn't changed all that much lately, I've gone from obese to somewhere in the 'overweight' scale of BMI. However, that doesn't mean much: I've gained a lot of muscle mass, and lost a good amount of flab. I still don't have a six-pack, but at least I'm not muffin-topping out of my jeans.

While I was looking for a rack to store my dumbbells on - which I wasn't able to find - I decided to grab some 25-pound dumbbells. It's almost hard to imagine that back in September, I ended up buying 15-pound dumbbells because 20 was too much and 10 was starting to feel a little low.

With all the cleaning and chores, I haven't done my exercises for today, so it's about time I stop typing and start pumping!
A couple of days ago, I started taking ideas for May's 'Themed Requests', and it came up empty.

So, rather than be a sore sport, I'm going to add some of the old ideas that hadn't been picked last time, and add in some new ones.

The idea that will have the most votes will be May's theme. Here are the choices:
- 'Hit the Gym!' (your characters working out, or showing some extra muscle. I'm also adding weight loss to the mix).
- 'Persona-fy me!' (Given that Persona 5 came out, I'd like to see how many people will jump at the chance to become a 'Phantom Thief of Hearts', or unleash their own Persona)
- 'Favorite characters' (Going generic here: Who is your favorite character of all? Could be from a movie, a show, a manga, a comic...)
- 'Fashion Week' (I always enjoy drawing new outfits for my characters, so how about testing me with some interesting clothes?)
- 'Comic-con Cosplay' (I want to cosplay at Montreal's upcoming Comiccon, but I need ideas. Check me out: That's me all over! and throw me some ideas)

The poll will be up soon, so if you have your own ideas, or want to see one theme win, let me know!
If this doesn't get me in shape, I don't know what will...

The title might sound funny, but I started a new 30-day challenge based on martial arts moves. This exercise program is called 'Fighter's Codex':…

Given that I've practiced Karate for a couple of years back when I was still a kid, I had noticed that exercise program before but wasn't sure about it. Given that my morning weigh-in post-Easter was 203 pounds (meaning I had gained 3 pounds from my last weigh-in), I decided to take that challenge and just go nuts with it.

Adding it to my usual routine, I was able to cram into a 60-minute exercise period:
- 120 squats
- 60 Jumping Jacks
- 60 push-ups
- 40 sit-ups
- 35 leg lifts
- a 60-second plank
- 20 iron curls, 20 iron lifts, 20 half-curls, 20 ground curls, 20 ground lifts (all with 20-pound dumbbells)
- and more punches and kicks that I could count!

Tomorrow, I'll be doing the Strength training (Day 3) of the Codex plus my usual program. If I can reach level 3 (7 sets), I'm going to end up a frickin' machine!
Yesterday, while napping between work shifts, I ended up remembering one dream, which will probably be a spoiler for my story.

Karyana was sitting on a throne in the dark, Volkram's dead body somewhere nearby, a broken sphere made of woven strands floating before her. The voices of Kaina, Laurinya, Melody and Panyus spoke to her, telling her what to do (or opposing it). Not listening to their words, Karyana uses a broken blade and slices her hair, using it to mend the threads. As she does, her own hair turns white, and she begins to age.

Also, during work today, while I was watching the janitor sweep the floor, Volkram's voice rang in my thoughts: 'Do you know how Skyreach was made? Think of the principle of the Philosopher Stone: making gold from lead. Or perhaps making diamonds from iron? Then, imagine this: the Planars, in their so-called magnanimity, attempted to separate the pure from the corrupt. Making a world for the Greater Good from one riddled with sin and chaos. Yet... the corruption never truly washes away, does it?' This ended with the sudden realization - from Karyana - that the 'Waiting Ones' that she had "freed" were not truly rid of their curse... and that their numbers still greatly outnumbered the population of Medierth. 'The dead always outnumber the living', you could say...

I really want to get back to writing...
Today wasn't the busiest day, but there's been some things I'd like to point out.

First: I finished my 30-Day Squat Challenge, which I did as part of my normal exercise routine. Checking the scale (with little on and an empty stomach), I was at a flat 200 pounds. I don't know how much of that is remaining fat, so I'll probably have to spruce up my exercises.

Here's what I've done this morning. The dumbbell exercises are all with 20-pound dumbbells: 2x25 half curls, 2x20 hammer curls, 2x20 floor curls, 2x20 floor lifts. Standard exercises: 25 sit-ups, 30 push-ups, 2 minutes of plank. As for the squats, the highest I had to go was 250, but given that my standard exercises needed 25 more, I added them.

Second: I still have one request to do (a non-themed one), but I'm a bit disappointed that I only had 3 'Themed Requests' so far. Given that it was such a close race, I thought there would be more people interested. In the meantime, I'm leaving the Request Faucet open, just in case.

Third: I didn't get much work (yet) for this week, so I've been playing 'Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey'. Though I finished the main quest, there's so much side content to do - character quests, areas to visit, recipes to unlock - that I'm not finished yet. Normally, I don't go past the story that much, but given that I had to rush like crazy to do the main quest (a mechanic that I didn't like much), I'm just glad I now have all the time I need to get the other tasks done.

Fourth: Given that no one has stepped up to help me with cosplay ideas, I'm starting to think that I was barking at the wrong tree... or that I probably shouldn't try it out. The way I see it, if the experience is successful, I might try it next year, but if not, then I'll probably just mark it as a 'Fail' and carry on.
I'm hoping to cosplay at the Montreal Comiccon this year, but I have a couple of problems.

First, work. I don't know when or where I'll work. In fact, I never know that far ahead of time, so I could be working during the day or during the evening, or not at all.

Second, health issues. It mind sound like an odd point, but I have a bit of a condition where I feel sick when I wear latex. This means that I can't wear full-faced masks or carry anything latex-based on me without coughing or sniffling. Also, my scalp gets itchy when hair gel is applied to my hair, so I need to avoid using that. On that note: I have never dyed my hair before, so I don't know what would happen if I do. Given that have ingrown hair on the back of my head (as well as scars from too much scratching), I don't know how dye would react.

Third, the convention itself. The main room where it happens is huge, but the A/C system is not all that great, so it gets hot after a while. This means I need to either wear something light, or carry a large amount of water - preferably both.

Fourth, and the biggest issue: I don't know what character to go as. Given that my build is like this: That's me all over! and that I've never made a costume before, I'll need something that fits me.

I know that a lot of people cosplay without having the exact age for their character, nor the exact body type, so the last point is less about what fits my body type and more about what character to go as. My sister once tried going as a Hobbit OC, but no one really understood the concept until she explained it (and showed the Big Feet slippers she had on).

This means that, the best possible costume for me would have to be:
- Light;
- Easy to make;
- Easy to recognize; and
- Latex-free.

Now... can anyone help me out?
It's been a while since I updated my 'Operation: Calorie Burn' line. Mostly, I was a bit worried about the weight going back up.

Using some of the more "physical" challenges I found in Habitica, as well as giving a '30-Day Squat Challenge' a try, I've worked up a morning exercise regime that takes about 30 to 45 minutes to do, though there are variants.

Here is what I did this morning:
- 100 lunges;
- 140 squats (that's Day 15 of the '30-Day Squat Challenge')
- 30 push-ups;
- 20 sit-ups;
- 20 leg lifts;
- a 2-minute plank;
- 2x20 20-pound hammer curl
- 2x20 20-pound hammer lift
- 1x20 20-pound ground curl
- 1x20 20-pound ground lift.

Variants include 6 kilometers of stationary bike (the equivalent of 2 kilometers of walk), extra dumbbell work and squats, and/or climbing 10 flights of stairs (going up and down the same flight of stairs 10 times in a row).

I'm starting to think that my 20-pound dumbbells are getting light. I have some weight straps I could add - don't remember how heavy they are, though - for a few extra pounds. I'll have to try that starting tomorrow.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, while I was shaving, I could see some results. Arms showed less flab, and my gut was starting to chisel on the side. It also looked like my 'tire' had a flat, because the flab was a bit harder to grab, there was less of it, and the excess was causing the skin to sag a bit.

I still have a long ways to go, though. On the scale, if I don't count my clothes, I'm at a flat 200 pounds. That's five pounds more than my lowest so far, but at least it's extra muscle, not extra fat.

I'm thinking about cosplaying this year, and if I'm in good shape, I might be able to fit into a costume... though I don't know what that costume will be.